Specialised Informatics

Durban Online strives to ensure that from an ICT perspective Durban Optical Holdings (Pty) Ltd and all associated companies benefit from an integrated supply, demand, volume and value chain; by providing all of the ICT services required by Durban Optical Holdings and all associated companies.

Durban Online Holdings

Specialised Informatics

Durban Online is committed to Durban Optical's goal of Zero Blindness throughout society. This means that in addition to developing technology for the provision of eyecare, visioncare and opticalcare products and services, Durban Online is invested in the development of Nutritional Supplements that reduce the risk of Age Related Macular Degeneration. Further to which Durban Online, working with Microgene (another subsidiary of Durban Optical Holdings), is committed to programming out blindness and extreme optical prescriptions so that every person whom is confronted with the reality of the loss of an eye or of both eyes, confronted with the reality of blindness or confronted with the reality of extreme optical prescriptions - has choices and options that enable them to live normal, healthy and long lives without the inconvenience of differential ability.

What If?

Microgene Succeeds

In rendering every eyeball a camera connected to a system that records everything that the patient experiences perpetually?

Durban Online Succeeds

In rendering blindness a thing of the past and the reality of healthy eyesight, healthy vision and healthy optics something that all enjoy?

Durban Optical Succeeds

In proliferating eyecare, visioncare and opticalcare products and services throughout Durban for millions of people?